Do You Feel that your Life is Not Moving To The Next Level?

  • Do you speak to yourself "I am not good enough?"
  • Do you procrastinate your decisions?
  • Do you find yourself under confident in taking action?
  • Do you hold your self back when expressing your opinions or confrontations, conflicts? 
  • Do you find that there is lot of action going in your mind but in reality your life is stand still?
  • Are you constantly struggling to impress people around you?
  • Are you constantly at fight with the little voice inside you?

If the above describes you in anyway, then you got to know this first.

"Your Perceptions shape your reality and if you are not happy with your reality, time to shift your perception."

Your Perception about you and your world decides how you behave.

As you continue to behave limiting (delay decisions, actions, hold up expressing yourself) this opinion is getting reinforced and is slowly increasing your self-doubt.

As a result it is shaking your confidence in yourself and the worst part, it spills over every aspect of your life making you feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

I am sure you are going through this inner battle for a long time but if you are done struggling with it, then I have a solution for you.

Outrageous Growth Intensive is a proven "5 Step System"

It provides a step by step approach that works at a deep level of your mindset, emotions and actions to help you boost your Self-worth, overcome your Self-doubts and become an Action-taker. 

The 5 day journey of 40 minutes of learning per day comes along with the action sheets that keeps your learning focussed and at a steady pace. 

It will show you how you can start seeing yourself and your belief system in a bright new light and shift the way you think and show-up in the world. 

After completing the Course you will

  1. Laser sharp clarity on what is holding you up.
  2. Discover the little voice within and learn to operate from your inspiration.
  3. Change the story you are selling yourself and learn to command it.
  4. Overcome self-doubts, make fear-free decisions and move towards your vision fast.  
  5. Enhance your self-worth and learn to feel confident in your skin.
  6. Become more compassionate, less irritated with yourself and your surroundings.
  7. Overcome inner insecurities and stop seeking validation from people around.
  8. Pump up your energy and be ready to accept everyday challenges in your life with a smile.
  9. Boost your growth and performance where you start choosing Action over "over thinking" as your default state. 

Get a 30 day easy to follow Implementation Plan, a systematic self monitoring action plan so that you start applying the concepts and keep a track of your everyday progress.

Results Achieved by Action takers like You


"I got a job within 45 days of working with Nehaa" 

Working on Nehaa's system has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, prioritise what is really important and why I need to do things in order to be that PERSON that I wanted to be.  I am very happy to share that I landed a job within 45 days of working with Nehaa. I feel thankful, happy, and confident to be in a position that I wanted to be.


"Can handle situations without getting frustrated"

The system has helped me clear off the dust on the mirror, so I can see clearly my potential and capabilities and also gave the much needed boost in confidence. The tools given by Nehaa has given me a way to declutter my mind, improve focus and productivity. I am now at the forefront of activities at the workplace and my performance has improved significantly. Now I am able to handle situations which are beyond my control with ease and without getting frustrated.


"Confident, achiever and chaser of my dreams"

I had self-doubt and lacked clarity in decision making. Working with Nehaa's 5 Step System helped me unleash my capabilities and work towards becoming a confident, achiever and chaser of my dreams. Her techniques and tools really help in achieving your "goals" in a systematic manner.


"I speak less and do more"

I always wanted to revamp my personal and professional life, but every-time I wanted to take an action, something within me held me back. I was frustrated to the core. When I started working on the 5 Step System by Nehaa I realised the power I hold within me. Today I am a watcher of my own thoughts, I speak less and I do more and I am ready to take my personal and professional life to the next level.


"I have become extremely non-critical towards self and others"

The best part about working with Nehaa is that she follows a system. So there is no scope for randomness. This system has helped me in my personal journey of overcoming self doubts and make me an action taker. Today I have become an effective smart decision maker, my problem-solving ability has improved exponentially as  I assess situations objectively not the I want to understand it.


"Progressing in my life, one perception at a time"

Life is all about perception, as you grow even your perceptions need to change. Nehaa's system has helped me in perceiving my goals, challenges and strengths differently and work systematically. It has really helped me to evolve into a more confident version of me. I highly recommend Nehaa as The Perception Changer who can make a big difference to your life with her systematic approach.


"My appraisal discussion went upto 18 hours"

I used to give in to situations and allowed others to overpower me. I had Fear of being rejected so I postpone things, discussions when I felt things may not go my way. After working on the system, I have become so forthright and factual that this time my appraisal discussion went upto 18 hours. I was clear cut and focused in my answers and most importantly I was in a solution oriented mindset not stuck with me self worth. 


"This system works"

I was confused and indecisive in a lot of situations. Will this program work? Will I feel good for a day and then go back to being under confident after returning to my natural environment? Nehaa changed my perception! She gave me simple solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable. It isn’t a magic cure, it is her simple 5D system that works if only you are ready to work. 

Your Mentor

Nehaa Beotra - The Perception Changer

Nehaa is founder of the growth platform THINQ ON PURPOSE.

She openly talks about her crippling journey of leading a life of low self image, low self confidence that she carried within her for 30 years.  This notion of I am not good enough made her take all those decisions that eventually lead her to life in a deforming body, disrespectful relationship and work life. 

Today she is on a mission to equip people with her powerful tools and make them action takers in life. Over past 3 years Nehaa has worked with hundreds of people in bridging the gap between their current and aspirational self. She is

. Woman Iconic "Creating a better World for all" - Awarded by Women Economic Forum (WEF)

. Unplugged by Tedx Gateway Speaker

. EPGD-HR from TATA Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai 

. Certified Psychometric Assessor

. Worked in the learning and change management with corporates for 11 years with over 49800 people hours of talent transformation expertise. 

. Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner 

Nehaa's expertise is her powerful way of connecting with people and helping them tap into their brilliance that manifests into real change from within. Her work is deep, cutting edge and process drive which makes the concepts easy to connect and stay focussed on track to implement.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1

    • Welcome to the journey, setting the Context

    • How Outrageous Growth Intensive has impacted lives

    • Step 1 : How to Uncover your real "WHY"

    • Let's get into "Intention Setting"

  • 2

    Day 2

    • Why are you stuck in the In-action loop?

    • Step 2 : Discover what holding up your Growth

    • How to identify your inner voice which is holding you hostage?

    • How to tame the Inner Critic?

  • 3

    Day 3

    • Step 3 : You can't solve your problem by being in the problem

    • Breakthrough tool 1 : Find your triggers & command your Growth

  • 4

    Day 4

    • Breakthrough tool 2 : How to rebuild your Confidence & Self Worth

    • Implementing the Breakthrough tool 2

  • 5

    Day 5

    • Step 4 : Pump up your energy level by learning to manipulate your mind

    • Breakthrough tool 3 : Make Action Mode as your default State

    • Step 5 : GRIT Journal to convert small daily actions to Big inner Changes

"Free" Bundled Bonuses included with Outrageous Growth Intensive Program

1. LIVE Weekly Interaction in the Inner Mastermind Community for a Lifetime Support (Priceless💰💰) - FREE

Every Week Tuesday 8:00pm (IST)  where Nehaa will be in a LIVE group interaction with you to answer your queries and also provide continuous support and new tools to multiply your personal growth. (Details to join will be shared on your registered email id)

2. Entry & Life time Access to the Thriving "Destiny Shapers" Community (Telegram) - FREE

When you want to change your vibe, you got to change your Tribe. Imagine being in a company of people where you can openly speak up and address all your inner battles without a fear of being judged. 

3. Clarity Session - A 30 minute one to one Clarity session with Nehaa (worth INR 2899/) - FREE   

After you complete your 3 day Outrageous Growth Intensive Program, receive your Completion Certificate, you will be eligible for a 1-1 (Online) Clarity session with Nehaa. The purpose of the session will be to give a direction to your journey of self-growth, inner confidence and build consistent momentum. 

4. GRIT JOURNAL a 30 day step by step Action plan (INR 5999/-) - FREE 

"If something is not measured, it can never be changed" that's the mantra we follow.  The 30 day GRIT Journal is a step by step plan that will tell you "how" you need to implement the Outrageous concepts you have learnt. Because your real growth is in actions. 

Program Features for Clarity

  • 20 minutes of Powerful Video sessions for 5 days + 30 day Action plan (in simple English)

  • 9 Action sheets for deep Clarity and practicing the techniques

  • Lifetime access to the Inner Breakthrough Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • When will I get access to the program content?

    You will get instant access to the program the moment you invest in it. You will receive an email with your invoice and the login details so that you can start learning immediately.

  • What do I need to start the program?

    It is recommended that this program is taken in a quiet conducive place because it caters to deep level of you inner breakthrough concepts and self reflecting meditative stances. It is always good that you plug an ear phone for additional sound clarity. Your phone or laptop where you access the course needs to have a good internet connection. A pen and a notebook for noting down the Golden Keys shared through out the session.

  • Do I get a Completion Certificate?

    Yes, upon completing the program you will receive a link to download your Program Completion Certificate instantly.

  • What is the duration of the program?

    The program is of 110 minutes ideally should be learnt over 5 consecutive days. Towards the end of the 5th day you will get a step by step 30 day GRIT Journal that will allow you to independently monitor and implement the learning of your 5 days in an easy to use format.

  • Is there any refund available for this program?

    As you get 100% access to the program upon you make the investment, thus there is NO REFUND applicable to this.

  • Can I schedule my 30 minute 1-1 Clarity session with Nehaa before I start my program?

    The moment you complete your program you will receive an email id where you need to send your completion certificate. We will send you Nehaa's calendar link from where you can book a slot for clarity session.

  • Where do I write for clarifications if any?

    Please write in at and we shall respond in 2 working days.

Meet more Action-takers like You


"I overcame fear of confrontation & failure."

Nehaa's system helped me rediscover myself and create my path to become an achiever. It helped me overcome my fear of confrontation, failure. The action plans and tools help in continuous improvement. I really recommend Nehaa to all of you who want to be achievers and overcome your fears in life. 


"The tools are extremely powerful" 

The tools that Nehaa offers are extremely powerful.The clarity of thoughts that I got are incredible. Nehaa makes us THINK, on and about us, our weaknesses and what can we do to change it by ourselves. She has made me self reliant.


"I knew I needed some correction could never find out what."

Initially I could not even state what my problem was, I knew I needed some correction. I felt the need to work on myself with the help of a mentor. As a result of working with Nehaa I can now articulate my problems and thoughts without any fear & self-doubts. I highly recommend Nehaa, she will change the way you perceive your problems and offer extremely effective solutions to overcome your challenges.


"Will make your life easy" 

Working on the system has helped me understand myself in a diffrent light. the tools suggested by Nehaa when practiced the right way will make your life very easy. It will enable you to achieve your goals and systematically work on achieving your success. I will recommend Nehaa to all of you who want to get going in life.